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ECU tuning isn’t a simple act of removing the unit from your car, amping it up to maximum power, and then refitting it back into the vehicle. At Monster Tune, we have taken car tuning and turned it into an art.

If you're looking for improved performance for your vehicle, better fuel consumption, or a combination of both, look no further. As a unique company in Singapore that supplies customised ECU maps, Monster Tune’s team of professional tuners were trained in the UK & Italy. Equipped with cutting-edge technology capable of tuning the ECU to your driving style, we firmly believe that since no two drivers are the same, there is NO better way to tune your car than a custom tune.

We’re not just looking to turn your ride into a beast – we aim to make it a monster.


There is a delicate balance between maximum horsepower capacity and the potential of your car; too much and your engine piston blows, too little and the slight difference in horsepower increment wouldn’t be worth your expenditure - as well as our time and effort to tune your car. The magnificent results our clients enjoy are a testament to the care, scrutiny and expertise we put into every car tune.

Although based in Singapore, our customised ECU maps have been developed with over 20 years of hands-on experience at the cutting edge of engine enhancement. These ECU tuning programs, developed in Italy's finest race-proven settings, are fine-tuned in laboratory conditions on real vehicles, where dynamometer and emission readings allow us to verify our figures.

We then test the results of our work on the roads in real life conditions for hundreds of miles.

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Customised car tuning also means we can further optimize the hardware modifications in your vehicle; Downpipes, Turbo-back exhausts, Cold Air Intake, etc. At Monster Tune, we ensure that all mechanisms in your car work simultaneously as a whole for the best boost in driving experience.

Although ECU tuning alone can serve a multifold purpose in maximizing your car's capacity in terms of fuel consumption, horsepower and torque - why stop there? Let the experts transform your ride into its FULL potential!


Our professional tuners are readily available for worldwide onsite services (subject to schedule availability).

No ECU remapping service available in your area? Have a qualified mechanic safely remove your ECU and ship it to us. Within days, we'll ship your dynamite ECU back to you, to totally transform your ride! All cares are ensured that your ECU is safely packed and airfreighted back to you.

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  • “Drives awesome! Gearshifts in auto are more responsive.”
    Porsche Owner
  • “After some painful experience with another tuner, I've finally found a great tuner. Alvin's service is superb.”
    VW Owner
  • “My car's mileage increased. Previously at 350, it now goes up to 500!”
    Audi A5 Owner