Get the drive of your Life.


If you’re looking for improved horsepower, fuel consumption, torque and handling, look no further. Trained in the UK and Italy, Monster Tune’s team of professional tuners are equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and technology capable of tuning the ECU to suit your driving style. With years and years of research and experience with cars, it isn’t hard to know why we’re the best in the business. As we firmly believe that no two drivers are the same, there is NO better way to tune your car than a custom tune.


Modify your car in more ways than getting extra power. We have the expertise to further optimize the hardware modifications for your car; Downpipes, Turbo-back exhausts, Cold Air Intake – we do it all. At Monster Tune, we ensure that all mechanisms in your car work seamlessly as a whole for the best driving experience. Although an ECU remap offers various driving benefits, why stop there? Let the experts transform your ride into its FULL potential! Experience what it feels like to drive a Monster.


Our professional car tuners are readily available for international onsite services (subject to schedule availability). Wherever you are on the globe, simply book our elite services through email, phone or Whatsapp text. Alternatively, if there is no ECU remapping service available in your area, have a qualified mechanic safely remove your ECU and ship it to us. Within days, we’ll ship your dynamite ECU back to you, to totally transform your ride! All cares are ensured that your ECU is safely packed and airfreighted back to you.

Results Driven

At Monster Tune, we have taken car tuning and turned it into an art. We’re not just looking to turn your ride into a beast – we aim to make it a monster.

Proven Technology

Our Mustang dyno is the leading solution for serious performance tuners. We tune based on facts of actual applied load of a car on the road or racetrack.

Winning Service

Every client becomes our friend, and every car, an opportunity to foster a long-term partnership with you through great results and service.

Top Performance

Better results for you means better reviews for us. We take every car seriously and feel the burning passion to help you achieve the most optimal drive.


While many people are interested in only seeing engine power output as results, we go beyond that – we take a holistic approach by ensuring that the extra power doesn’t sacrifice drivability. In fact, in many cases, drivability actually improves along with fuel consumption (case-by-case basis). We further check on your air intake, spark plugs, air filter and overall car health.

If you care about your vehicle, tuning with us sets your mind at ease as we believe in loading your car with power it can withstand. Simply modifying the ECU to boost engine power isn’t good enough for us – we take into consideration factors like turbochargers, fuel injection, ignition timing, rev limit, water temperature correction, transmissions, drivetrain systems and low fuel pressure modifier, to name a few. By viewing your car as a complete picture, and not in the myopic view of only the engine, the result we reap is a fantastic driving machine – a Monster – while you totally get to enjoy the drive of your life.


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