Our amazing clients have a ton of good feedback.

Porsche Owner TestimonialDrives awesome! Gearshifts in auto are much more responsive and I’ve gone back to driving Tiptronic cos it’s so much fun to play with the rev range in each gear again. Engine is running very smooth and there appears to be no stress at all. Thanks for checking in!


– Happy Porsche owner with ECU Tune

Volkswagen owner testimonialThanks Monster Tune for the great job! After some painful experience with another tuner, I finally found a great tuner. Alvin’s service is superb, he is professional, committed to do the best for the customer. His job is fast, no lengthy overnight jobs.


– Satisfied ECU Tune client

Audi A5 owner testimonialWow my car’s mileage increased alot, previously full tank only 350, now can go up to 500 (thumbs up x 3).


– Satisfied Audi A5 owner

Car pickup problem solvedThanks to Alvin and Nick, they solved my problem. Now the pickup is smooth, no more engine check-light lighting up, FC improved alot (city-driving 1L 6.9 to 9km, highway 1L 13.9km).


– Happy Car Tuning Customer

Skoda owner testimonialMy humble Skoda was tuned by Alvin & Nic a couple of weeks back! Overall experience was (and still is) great!!! Both are knowledgeable in their areas and patiently explained their tune to me – both the ecu remap and dsg tunes.


– Satisfied DSG Tuning & ECU Remap Customer

Volkswagen Scirocco owner testimonialMy ride (2.0 Roc) was tuned by Nick this morning. As advised (and I was damn eager too), I proceeded to see how “monsterish” my ride had become and I was in for a pleasant treat! Before I could notice, the car was already hitting 130(km/ph)!


– Happy Volkswagen owner with a superb ECU Tune

Volkswagen Golf owner testimonialHey Alvin. I’ve tried the car. The car is indeed very powerful now. Very different from the first tune. The pull from the turbo on gear 3 while accelerating is indeed very strong and kinda hard to control. Car feels very torquey.


– Volkswagen Golf owner experiencing improved torque after ECU tune

Mercedes SLK owner testimonialIt’s getting better and better man! Can’t stop driving it. Full of praises for it!


– Satisfied Mercedes SLK owner with powerful car tune

Fuel consumption improvement testimonialHi Alvin, just wanted to say I’m very satisfied with my car performance after my trip. The NSH pick up is much better and I can feel extra grunt. The bonus is fuel used has improved by at least 10 to 15%!


– Satisfied Volkswagen Scirocco owner

Volkswagen Passat owner testimonialToday is the 5th day from the day of tune and it’s like my car has transformed totally from what it was. 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear acceleration is exhilarating!


– Exhilarated Volkswagen Passat owner that came to us for ECU Tuning

Volkswagen Scirocco owner testimonialThe car feels even more lively, and a definite significant increase in torque.

Also, both Alvin and Nic were extremely patient and understanding to what I wanted from the tune. Rather than going to big brands and trusting them on the figures they promised, why not go down to Monster Tune where the figures will be shown right in front of you, for a peace of mind.

– Contented Volkswagen owner with 2nd tune

After-sale service quality testimonialEnjoying every part of the tuned ride since Thursday.

Driving response is crisp and not forgetting the added torque thru low and mid range. Dmode is now great. S & Manual modes are crazily fast (especially with the traction control off)!

After-sales is good with Alvin constantly checking on my ride and updating me on how the car will behave on the first few days/cycles. An assuring tune indeed.

– Extremely satisfied MT customer

BMW owner testimonialAfter many days of testing, the drive is great! Previously, even with map, there was always a lag on the low end, and the gear change tended to shift up faster than expected, resulting in more lag. Your map basically addressed all these issues.

– BMW owner fully satisfied with ECU Tune

Client satisfaction testimonialAlvin and Nick are excellent. Know their stuff well and are able to tune the car to my liking. Tip-top before and after services. Called Nick once at 12am and he was patient enough to take all my nonsense questions. The package they’re offering is fantastic, especially with the DSG remap included. Woohoo!

I’m now a satisfied customer of Monster Tune!

– Volkswagen Scirocco with excellent DSG Tune

Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTi owner testimonialSo finally, got my Candy White MK5 GTi tuned, with Alvin asking me about my driving habits and whatnot. After about 3 days when I drove off from the carpark, the car felt like a different one all of a sudden. The pickup was more torquey and S mode just blew me off. My gear 2 jerk also went away and shifting was so much smoother. Totally loving the drive now. Alvin was also checking on how my car was doing after the tune and making sure everything was ok.

Thanks Alvin for the work and the friendship made. Will be contacting you again soon!

– Volkswagen MK5 GTi owner with more torque after ECU Tune

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