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ECU Tuning, otherwise known as chip tuning, involves the adjustment of the car’s ECU which in turn increases (or decreases) power. ECU tuned cars typically achieve better torque and engine responsiveness as well. With the advent of improved technology, car tuners are able to control multiple aspects of an automobile, such as fuel injection, boost control for turbocharged cars, transmission response and spark timing, all through the ECU.

Do note though, that cars with poorly tuned ECU typically go the opposite way. Loss in drivability, vehicle handling or even engine problems may occur. At Monster Tune, we view your car as a complete picture. From understanding how simple exhaust modifications can affect air to fuel ratios to determining whether you need an ECU remap, Bench tune or piggyback based on existing or potential configurations, we achieve top results under optimal conditions.

Being masters at ECU tuning, we achieve the best power output based on testing your car through real-life driving conditions. This ensures your car is tuned to drive with a realistic load as it experiences various road conditions. Tuning a car this way makes more sense as you wouldn’t want to feel under-powered the moment you drive out of the workshop. Furthermore, an ECU tune is highly encouraged as this fantastic computer is able to fathom changes in horsepower and torque information.

Check out below for all the ecu tuning options we offer.


Custom Car Tuning

Give your car more power.

Big, costly branded ECU maps were the rage for many years.

Car owners used to pay top dollar for an overseas map that was good enough, but when it comes to tuning, having a custom ECU tune on an accurate dyno is essential.

With a dyno on-site, it enables us to data-log, correct all air-fuel ratio, measure critical ignition and exhaust data, and use various mapping permutations to achieve optimisation. Without open-band data logging on dyno, it is virtually impossible to achieve accurate readings.

Custom ECU Tune Example 1:

Volkswagen Roc 2000cc Stage 2 custom tune dyno readings

VW Scirocco 2.0TSI Stage 1+ (Stock Exhaust)

At The Wheels
Base: 164WHP & 235NM
Monster Tune: 211WHP & 309NM (47WHP & 74NM gains at the wheels)


Custom ECU Tune Example 2:

Porsche Cayenne GTS custom tune dyno readings

Porsche Cayenne GTS 4.8L N.A. Stock Setup

At The Wheels
Base: 270HP & 342NM
Monster Tune: 293HP & 371NM (23WHP & 29NM gains at the wheels)


Custom ECU Tune Example 3:

Audi TT Stage 3 Tune With KO4 Turbo

At The Wheels
Base: 179WHP & 297NM
Monster Tune: 298WHP & 391NM (119WHP & 94NM gains at the wheels)


Bench Tuning

The progressive car tuning method.

With the introduction of newer ECUs, and with car makers ‘locking’ up the OBDII port (by disabling the essential boot pin), bench tuning has become an essential way of programming.

Unlike the days where tuners had to solder on & off the legs of the ECU chip, modern bench tuning is as simple as touching the legs with pins for instant reading and writing. This eliminates the dreaded ‘burnt’ ECU situation as no more soldering is involved. Bench tuning also enables us to restore full dealer code so that customers enjoy their full warranty entitlement, without the detection of the dreaded ‘ecu programming counter jump’ normally associated with OBD tuning.

Whenever possible, tuning via the OBD is always preferred. But bench tuning has become a safe and reliable method. Essentially there is no difference between tuning a car via OBD or Bench Tuning. It’s only the delivery mode of the tuned map that’s different.


ECU Remapping

Feed new life into your ride.
The ECU, the brain of a vehicle, is a small computer that controls how a car functions. Interestingly – did you know that your car’s ECU is detuned before it gets exported? Manufacturers do this because every country’s driving regulations, petrol quality and climate are different. Typically, detuning of the ECU sets it at a default level for exportation while at the same time lowering the power of a car.

A remap of the ECU optimises your vehicle’s performance in terms of power, drivability and fuel economy. This process brings out the true potential of your car’s engine. Not to worry – it’s legal – and in many cases reversible (varies from car to car).


DSG Tuning

Experience more responsive gear shifts.

Stage 1 of Monster Tune’s DSG Tune improves shift speed, responsiveness and smoothness, enhanced with a higher torque allocation for every gear. This tune complements our Performance ECU Remapping.

Stage 2 achieves up to 70% shift-time reduction in Sport and Tiptronic modes, with up to 40% reduction in shift-time in Drive mode. There will be a distinct increased red line across all modes, with torque increment from 350nm to over 500nm (upon availability).

With launch-control activation as well as complementing our Race ECU Remapping, our DSG Stage 2 tune is fully customisable!


Custom Box Installation

A tuning box for supercharged cars.

Unlike other tuning boxes in the market that offer a standard power band, Monster Tune’s tuning boxes provide granular tuning capabilities to tune according to a driver’s preference.

Monster Tune’s proprietary tuning boxes are amongst the most reliable and robust boxes in the market, TUV-certfiied and made to withstand our tropical conditions without the risk of warping. Monster Tune’s tuning boxes work solely on turbo-charged cars and come with a 1-year warranty.


Performance Tuning

More power, more torque.

Achieve more power and more torque, with Monster Tune’s performance tuning. Experience an enhanced and sharper throttle response, with a smoother and more progressive delivery of power.

Performance tunes are reliable and safe, and can improve fuel economy by up to 10%. Enjoy improved MPG-reduced emissions as well.


Race Tuning

Get more speed on the racetrack.

Maxmise torque and horsepower upgrade, with a custom-tune tailored to any specific track requirement. With the removal of RPM and speed-limiter, Monster Tune’s race tune works well with all after-market modifications and add-ons.


OBD Tuning

The least labour-intensive car tuning process.

Most cars manufactured after 2000 allows direct access to the ECU via the OBDII port for diagnostic and reprogramming. This is the most preferred way of tuning as it is the quickest and least labour intensive.

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