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BMW M6 Monster Tuned.

BMW M6 Mustang Dyno

BMW M6 Monster Tuned. +98WHP & + 175NM!!!

The M6 measured 407WHP before tune and 505WHP after tune on our in-house Mustang Dyno with actual road load simulation. The car owner, thinking it was reading too low, decided to verify the power on the another Dyno. It measured a ridiculous 601WHP on the other Dyno. A whole 19% difference in Dyno readings (definitely not the first time this had happened).

Well, we could buy one of these machines (or many other brands for that matter) and sell truck loads of tunes to impress with mere numbers or we could simply pull everyone back to earth and show the real actual numbers their cars are making with actual road simulation and continue to deliver cars that drives great (as confirmed by the M6 owner)!

Mustang Dyno Graph:


Dynopack Dyno Graph:



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